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Allied Universal’s Cory Meredith highlights the need to ramp up event security at global festivals, in light of the recent Astroworld tragedy

On so many levels, the advent of COVID-19 and the tragedy at Astroworld music festival drastically altered the event security landscape. After the Astroworld tragedy, event security experts saw that the rampant gate-crashing could become an indication of what was to come.
This is why Coachella spent a lot of money installing a large solid fence with cement underground, according to Cory Meredith, the President of Allied Universal Event Services.
Access to cutting-edge technology, such as AI
Cory Meredith, President – Allied Universal Event Services, at Allied Universal said, “Today’s security professionals are highly trained in crowd management, with access to cutting edge technology, including artificial intelligence (AI).”
He adds, “We are implementing a variety of screening services and COVID-19 protocols, to ensure the safety and health of event participants. State-of-the-art technology that connects artificial intelligence and human resp…