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Alcatraz AI highlights the 5 key ways to streamline an organisation’s access control

New growth in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has led to improvements in access control systems. AI combines the quick, automated protocols of electric systems, with humans’ capacity to learn and observe key points.
With both of these in play, the system can quickly evaluate potential threats, such as tailgaters, and adjust security levels. Alcatraz AI focuses on 5 key ways the process can be streamlined, with the inclusion of AI technology.

Identify in an instant

For humans to validate a person’s identity, it often means taking time to evaluate their ID with their face or for a system, in order to reference the ID with its database. Using AI-powered access control systems, enterprises don’t have to worry about these problems.
AI systems use one-to-few face authentication methods, in order to swiftly cross-reference a person’s face with their file on the database. The system will then automatically grant users entrance, if they ma…