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Alcatraz AI explains the need of facial access control

Security risks are on the rise. Whether it’s detecting insider threats, preventing data breaches, or fighting economic espionage, security issues are becoming a daily struggle for many organisations. According to a report by the research and consulting firm Gartner, 30% of critical infrastructure organisations will experience a security breach by 2025.
This is why adopting an Access Control System (ACS) is more important than ever. An ACS uses identity authentication to make sure that only approved parties can enter secured spaces and protect sensitive areas and assets from people users don’t trust. But how does identity verification work? In this post, Alcatraz AI explains how facial authentication can promote a safer workplace.
What is identity authentication?
Identity authentication is an essential requirement for many in-person and online procedures. A user might be verifying their identity multiple times a day without even noticing it. If users present a pho…