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Alcatraz AI discusses about top 7 data security breaches and ways to prevent them

No one is immune to a data breach. From universities and hospitals to corporate giants and government agencies, almost every organisation has encountered a security incident. Data security breaches not only expose sensitive information but can also cripple businesses. Users need the right physical and digital security measures to safeguard critical information.
If users want to protect the data, they should know what to look out for. Learning about the top security breaches can help better prepare against attacks. So, how do security breaches commonly occur? Alcatraz AI discusses the most common ways intruders infiltrate an organisation and provide solutions to help users reduce the risk of a data breach.
What is a data breach?
Breaches occur when an unauthorised individual can bypass digital or physical security controls
A data breach is a security incident in which confidential information has been accessed without authorisation. The information can be financial data, medical rec…