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Alcatraz AI announces updated platform technology, Alcatraz Platform V2

Alcatraz AI, a pioneer in physical security technologies, announced the release of their updated platform technology, Alcatraz Platform V2. The new update includes enabling 3rd Party Access Control System software integration, lowering minimum system requirements, and enhancing troubleshooting tools, which will bring a simplified, and advanced experience to Alcatraz AI customers.

Integration of AI technology
New, seamless additions to Alcatraz AI’s Platform will enable Alcatraz AI to continue its mission of bringing AI technology to every door for precise identity verification and bring the customers to the next level of security. “Driven by customer insights, the latest major release of our platform includes an evolution of our backend software,” said Alcatraz AI’s Vice President of Product, Blaine Frederick.
He continued, “It will provide integrators more flexibility when deciding how to deploy the solution on either Windows or…