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Ajax Systems announces the opening of its first plant abroad in Istanbul, Turkey

Ajax Systems, the Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of professional security systems, has announced the opening of its first plant abroad — in Istanbul, Turkey.
The new 8300 square-metres plant will produce the entire lineup of Ajax devices, duplicating the current production in Ukraine. Ajax Systems has already started to form a local manufacturing team in Istanbul.
New plant in Istanbul
At the first stage, it is planned to hire at least 400 people. The new Istanbul plant is expected to produce at least 150,000 devices per month. The company was planning to launch new production facilities abroad, long before the war. It is the logical continuation of production scaling.
The opening of a new plant in Istanbul is a strategic step planned by the company and aimed at diversifying production facilities.
Turkey chosen as site of new plant on multiple factors
We strongly believe that the diversity of talents and cultures creates the best products and solutions”