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AITX’s subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices introduce RIO, a portable solar-powered security solution

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD) introduced RIO, a portable, solar-powered security solution.
RIO is the company’s first product announced for a wider market sector, positioning RAD solutions outside of the traditional manned-guarding security industry.
RIO (ROSA Independent Observatory)
RIO (ROSA Independent Observatory) continues the productisation of RAD’s best-selling, multiple award-winning security robot known as ROSA. RIO consists of a single ROSA 3.1 unit mounted atop a solar-powered portable trailer, with the option of adding a second ROSA unit.
The company has been conducting a pre-order program for RIO through its dealer channel to select end-users. This pre-order programme will run through mid-September and RAD expects to report pre-order activity in the coming weeks.
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RIO is poise…