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Acronis introduces unique, turn-key data loss prevention solution

Acronis, a pioneer in cyber protection, has debuted a new Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) pack for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, a game-changing solution that shields Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and businesses of all sizes from data leakage. Notably, the solution does not require months for deployment, and highly skilled teams to maintain it.
Drawing from decades-long experience enabling MSPs in data protection, this expansion resolves the main obstacles hindering the broader adoption of DLP solutions: grueling roll-out and cumbersome ongoing administrative execution. 
Challenges to protecting sensitive data
For years, organisations have struggled to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access via external attacks or insider risks such as IT misconfigurations and human error.
Only a handful of large enterprises had the resources to manage the overall complexity, high deployment costs, and more significant obstacles that come with DLP adoption. This is why the g…