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ACRE’s ACT360 cloud-based VMS and access control system deployed at ICA Sweden’s retail stores

As the retail sector evolves and adapts to changing marketing demand and customer preferences, the desire for integrated, scalable solutions increases.
Combining video and access control
Retailers have to be agile and respond quickly to optimise their offerings for staff and customers alike. In this sense, combining video and access control intelligently makes sense, as it allows retailers to adapt and remain competitive to modern-day demands, such as 24/7 accessibility.
Sometimes, this can mean extending opening hours to remain competitive. This can be achieved by introducing unmanned opening hours, using security solutions with remote monitoring and management features. This was, in fact, achieved in Sweden, using ACRE’s ACT365 at a retail chain in Sweden.
ACT365 cloud-based security system deployed
Nessence integrated the ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management system with Mobile BankID
Specifically, the installation company, Nessence integrated the AC…