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911inform expands RAY BAUM’s Act compliance tech via new Location Discovery Solution

911inform, the only notification and security management platform that bridges the gap between first responders and organisations, announced the expansion of its Location Discovery Solution (LDS) for legacy enterprise telephone systems across the U.S.
The 911inform LDS solution provides RAY BAUM’s Act §506 compliant functionality in existing telephone systems while protecting their investment. The 911inform Legacy solution was originally released for Panasonic but is available on U.S. platforms in use by organisations providing compliance as required under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 47 language in effect. 
RAY BAUM’S Act §506
The RAY BAUM’S Act §506 requires organisations of all types that operate Multi-Line Telephone Systems to provide critical dispatchable location information to Emergency Communication Center / Public Safety Answering Points (ECC/PSAPs) whenever emergency calls are made from an MLTS phone system.