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3xLOGIC showcasing targeted solutions for retail at RLPSA

3xLOGIC, Inc., a pioneer of integrated, intelligent security solutions announced its featured products for the upcoming RLPSA Conference, 10-13 April, held in Denver.
“Of course, we’ll have the full line-up of solutions in our booth in Denver, however, we will be putting additional emphasis on two products that hit the sweet spot for the Retail Loss market,” Bill Hobbs, VP of Global Sales, 3xLOGIC.
Products featured in the show
1) Varifocal Multi-Imager Surround Dome Camera
3xLOGIC’s new Varifocal Multi-Imager Surround Dome Camera (VX-20M-SURROUND-RAW) is designed for applications that require multiple angles of view that a standard camera cannot achieve.
This new camera contains four 5MP varifocal lenses that provide separate video streams. Rather than purchasing and installing multiple cameras, installers can now deploy a single device capable of capturing coverage of a scene.
Cost-effective solution
The camera provides wide coverage in…