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3xLOGIC announces that the company will kick off 2022 with an Informative Dealer Webinar

3xLOGIC, Inc., a globally renowned provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, is hosting a webinar to introduce dealers and integrators to a number of product enhancements and provide an early look at new solutions that the company will introduce in 2022.
During the hour-long webinar, scheduled for 2 p.m. ET, on Thursday, February 17, 2022, 3xLOGIC will provide insights into its industry-renowned security solutions and discuss how dealers and integrators can deploy these technologies to help grow their businesses.
Among the products that attendees can expect to learn about in the webinar include:

VIGIL CLOUD Mobile App Enhancements

The VIGIL CLOUD mobile app, introduced in 2021, has been updated to include 3xLOGIC’s Smart Search capability and an NVR plugin. With its intuitive interface, the mobile app makes tasks like viewing video, case management, and viewing and reacting to notifications available using common gestures and movements are already famili…